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See coupon for details. Coupon cannot be issued or redeemed at Longs Drugs locations inside Target stores. Offer valid in state of HI only. Limit one per customer. Re: Longs Drugs? I would imagine they have separate EMail lists for each advertising region and someone accidentally sent you the offer intended for Hawaii.

Contact storewanderer. Website AOL. Along with the Longs ad format? Was there that much brand loyalty to them in HI vs California? However, CVS decided that California should only have one brand. This was a big mistake.

After Christmas Sale Haul/ Walmart and CVS Longs Drugs

CVS lost many customers and lots of business. Loyal Longs customers boycotted CVS stores. Sales dropped around 50 percent or more in many former Longs Drugs stores. Even the former Longs Drugs flagship is not doing so well. Lei has been a part of the fabric of the islands and a fundamental part of the Hawaiian culture since the beginning of time.

Besides, where else in the world does an airport greeting include such a lovely touch. Lei come in many varieties and types. Some of the plain and unscented ones are perfect for men and those with flower sensitivities. Those wanting to purchase a lei to take home for friends and family, there is a perfect spot tucked away in the Honolulu International airport to do this. The lei stands are sandwiched between the parking structure and the inter-island terminal, and are easily accessible just before the rental car return area.

Open 24 hours a day, several stalls offer simple to extravagant designs. Since there are agricultural restrictions to transporting some island flowers to the mainland, be sure to tell the lei seller that the lei is for someone on the mainland. The lei stands are also located at Rodgers Boulevard.

Koa Accessories. One of the most precious gifts one can take home from Hawaii to family or a friend is something made from the wood of the majestic Hawaiian Koa trees. Grown only in Hawaii, this tree fills the forests of the Big Island. Known as some of the hardest and rarest wood in the world, the trees they especially valued for their rich orange color and iridescent grain.

Koa is the wood of choice for ocean going outrigger canoes and paddles. The price of Koa continues to escalate each year, so purchasing even a handcrafted item is a worthy purchase that will increase in value over the years. There are several stores and outlets that sell Koa wood accessories. One can even find them at craft fairs and even swap meets.

However, the very best place to find a wide section of artisan quality accessories is any Martin and MacArthur store on Oahu. All items are designed and crafted in the Oahu factory and for every piece of furniture that is purchased, a Koa tree is planted on the slopes of Mauna Kea. Martin and MacArthur has several locations throughout the islands, however, the most convenient to Waikiki hotels and resorts is located in the Sheraton Waikiki hotel at Kalakaua Avenue.

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Hawaiian Jewelry. There is probably nothing more special than a beautiful gold bangle or engraved ring that is traditional and classic. A Hawaiian heritage bracelet is one of the most precious items that a young girl can have and the most precious heirloom gift that has been known to be passed down in families for generations.

Other Interesting Souvenirs from Hawaii

The designs of the bangles have evolved from traditional Victorian styles to more modern and cultural designs. There are several jewelry stores on Oahu that specialize in Hawaiian Heritage jewelry, but none more accommodating and service-oriented than Royal Hawaiian Heritage Jewelry. The collection includes everything, from wedding sets to pendants to island inspired earrings and chains.

However, the bracelets are truly the specialty items. Many come to custom order that special heirloom bracelet, personalize it in black enamel and even have it diamond studded. There, designers will create a bracelet to your specifications in the matter of hours. Hawaiian Print Fabric. Hawaiian print fabric runs the gamut from richly colorful and bold to more subtle and traditional prints. Many will be surprised to hear that there is a thing called fabric etiquette when it comes to aloha fashion.

Smaller, subtler prints are typically for men who routinely wear aloha shirts in business settings, while the more colorful and bold colors are considered appropriate for casual wear.

Longs Drugs CVS and Walmart Trips today 9/7/14 - Olipas INC

Ladies know that aloha chic means well-tailored, fitted and tasteful. For those in search of that perfect Hawaiian print to satisfy your creative urges, there is no place better than Fabric mart near the top of Kalakaua Avenue. This busy two-story shop has a dizzying array of colors and fabric blends unlike any other in the islands, if not the world. Arrive prepared with preferences, because, otherwise, a visit to this store can leave you more confused than confident. This shop is located along Kalakaua Avenue, between Kanunu and Makaloa Streets, just a couple of miles from Waikiki resorts and hotels.

The address is Kalakaua Avenue. They are open seven days a week. Black Pearls. These Pacific pearls are beautiful and come in a myriad of sizes and tones. One should take their time when picking out that special pearl, since the variety of colors and shades make it much more than simply black.

Longs Drugs Savings Guide

Hues range from charcoal to swirls of turquoise, aubergine, olive and even chocolate. There are many places where one can browse the limitless variety of pearls. Designs and setting range from tropical-inspired diamond-studded 24 karat gold to large pendants of sterling silver. Although there are many shops and boutiques that offer a limited quantity of black pearls, there is no shop more accommodating than Maui Divers Jewelry.

Located in the very heart of Honolulu, Maui Divers has been in business since , started out as a couple of deep sea divers harvesting black, pink, red and gold coral off the waters of Lahaina. Today, they are known as the largest manufacturer of coral jewelry in the world. The company offers free shuttle to and from the Waikiki area for those who would like to visit the jewelry factory and showroom. You can find Maui Divers Jewelry in several locations in Waikiki or at their main location via complimentary shuttle at Liona Street.

Macadamia Nut Oil. Many have long been enamored with the meaty thick-shelled Macadamia nut for over a generation. The meaty nuts have a reputation for being the most elite of nuts in the world and for their abilities to lower cholesterol, when eaten regularly. However, more recently, many, including everyone from the gourmet to the casual kitchen chef, have discovered Macadamia Nut Oil. Yes, it was recently purchased by CVS, but this popular store still has retained that special local appeal. What has come to be an icon of Hawaii and Hawaiian music is not a Hawaiian instrument at all!

Longs Drugs 9825 WIC Store HI

This guitar was brought to Hawaii by Portuguese who arrived by ship in the early s to work the many ranches located throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Along with the ukulele, the Pukiki were also credited with bringing the twangy sounds of the steel guitar to the islands. There are many ukulele factories on the islands, but by far the most popular of them on Oahu are Kamaka and Koaloha. Today, Hawaii has embraced the ukulele in song and celebration.

They offer a huge selection of everything, from soprano to concert and tenor models. They offer the casual or serious shopper a wide variety of woods and styles. Kamaka and Koaloha are well represented in their inventory. The store is located in the shopping arcade on the ground level.

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Metered street parking is available along Ohua Avenue. Koloa Rum. This item must be placed in check baggage for travel, no exceptions. Returning visitors know that one can always depend on the ABC store for everything, from the daily newspaper to replacing that bottle of sun block that was confiscated at the TSA security checkpoint. The store is a very convenient place for finding necessities and gifts at reasonable prices.