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Have a great day! Checkers Coupons 67 savers. Get New Checkers Offers. Get Offer. Details: Just fill in your information and you will be emailed a coupon. Details: Double the seasoned beef, triple the cheese and quadruple the bacon! New Island Slushies Verified. See More Offers. While the cheesesteak does follow its Philadelphian origin, the first branch of Philly Connection was in fact established in Atlanta Georgia.

That first branch is still operational to this very day.

The Philly Connection – Philly Cheesesteaks in Georgia!

Right after the first branch opened the company began to expand and in three years several more opened in nearby locations. By the company started to franchise and now it is has grown into one of the most successful small-time businesses in the Southeast. Since Philly Connection started out as a small quick-lunch establishment, the food truck business is a great way for newbie entrepreneurs to franchise and gain valuable experience as they work with Philly Connection. In the company became official partners with Save a Smile, a foundation dedicated in researching for treatment concerning child born defects.

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It contains delicate slices of choice steak, grilled onions, as well as delicious white cheese. Philly Connection does like to advertise this secret marinade sauce often but it has never yet revealed what the sauce is made of, making it one of the top ten most secretive recipes in the business.

It also allows for a wider range of toppings such as pizza sauce, jalapeno peppers, and even mushrooms and pepperoni. Anchovies, banana peppers, lettuce, and red onions are also on the list of additional toppings. Last is the Chicken Cheesesteak, which substitutes the lean meat with chicken meat.

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While Philly Connection focuses mostly on their cheesesteaks they do offer salads, subs, and desserts. A very popular item is the Beer Battered Onion Rings side dish. The salad that Philly Connection offers allows customers to choose their own meat, their own cheese, and their own salad dressing. This type of customization is not really seen anywhere else except for Subway but here it is with much healthier food options. It also allows for customers to get the type of cheesesteak they want without having to break the original recipe, which is still on the menu. Philly Connection is one of the few restaurants that serve a real Philly Cheesesteak; other restaurants tend to overdo their items with so many toppings that they have turned it into a sub sandwich littered with peppers, leafy green veggies, and others.

In doing so, they have ruined the original concept.