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Recent reports have found that Amazon employees face extreme pressure to meet company goals, sometimes sacrificing their health and well-being in the job, and for pay that requires some to turn to federal assistance. NBC News was given access to the group through a current member and separately verified the identities of some of its members.

Inside the group, members talk shop, post photos of themselves in their work vests, and trade memes in praise and critical of the company. Group members showed a growing awareness among Amazon fulfillment center workers of their shared situations, as well as some efforts from employees to organize.

The week I almost died three times ! Road trip from hell delivering a rib boat ! (Iowa Part 2)

An Amazon spokesperson responded to the Minnesota strike, saying in a statement to NBC News that the company already offered what the strikers were demanding, including competitive pay and benefits. Meg Brady posted one of the messages to the Facebook group and said she plans to attend the strike Monday.

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Brady has worked at the Minnesota fulfillment center more than a year and a half, but is on disability from what she says is a work-related accident. You work, go home and sleep for six hours and come back out. Canadian in Wgtn. Wait till Tuesday and use the code "Tuesday". Continue this thread. You can actually just enter exodus on the website too.

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