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This means that you are basically purchasing the handset and using a Sim card of your choice. Whether that be pay-as-you-go or a contract held somewhere else. We try our best to ensure it is as easy as possible for you to get what you need. Pay monthly deals are known as contracts, and there are many parts to consider before you find the best one for you.

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One of the expensive parts of the contract can be going over your data allowance. So, first of all, have a look at the data on offer and make sure it genuinely covers what you will use. Data is used when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network and access things like apps and emails. Some pay monthly contracts offer cashback which reduces the amount you pay monthly but will need to be claimed if it is not an automatic cashback deal. Again it will be clearly marked. However, to sweeten the deal, our wonderful network provider also offers a range of free gifts in the form of access to streaming services call time abroad or other rewards.

All you have to do is pick the one that suits you best, and we will make sure it is applied to your deal when you sign up for your new phone. We also have a nice range of iPhone deals that come with no upfront cost. In the past, this used to mean that you would have a much more expensive contract in order to get your handset for free. However, we are working hard to ensure that the prices stay as low as possible.

If you do want to contribute towards the cost of the handset, you will see on the deals that this is possible and this will reduce the overall monthly payment. Apple also has a range of handsets; obviously, the older ones are now cheaper than they were, but also there are what we call cutdown handsets such as the iPhone XR and the iPhone This means that Apple has reduced the price tag on these handsets by cutting down the specification. Both of these offerings are spectacular and proving to be some of the most popular handsets ever sold.

You also have a choice of screen size, with Apple offering plus-size handsets. These larger handsets are proving popular with those who like to stream movies and those who enjoy gaming on their mobile phones. Here at Metrofone, we are determined to ensure that you have the best possible choice when it comes to iPhones. This is why we partner exclusively with EE as we are confident that they have the best network coverage maps across the country, and are working hard on the new 5G network while having an extensive 4G coverage already in place.

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We also offer free next working day delivery, so you do not have to wait long to get your new phone. We have some of the best iPhone prices, and if you have any questions about any of our handsets, please do give our customer service team a call on Best Apple iPhone Contract Deals.

Select your desired options to find the best phone deals for you. Upfront Cost:. Monthly Cost:. Sort By:. Key Features:. Apple iPhone Apple iPhone Xr.

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Apple iPhone 11 Pro. Apple iPhone 8. Apple iPhone 7. Deal-wise, you'll want a plan with plenty of data so you don't have to hold back on using this wonderful phone.

If you're looking at buying the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus then we recommend that you go for a plan that allows you to get the most out of the handset. We recommend a large data allowance so you can enjoy watching movies and videos on the device. These deals are great because not only do you get lots of data, you'll also get unlimited calls and texts, so you can talk all month to your heart's content.

The upfront costs aren't high, and even the monthly costs are reasonable considering you'll be getting the latest iPhone with tons of data. To get a lower monthly cost on an iPhone, you may have to compromise on your monthly allowance. The amount of data and calls offered here, however, isn't bad at all - well worth it, in our opinion. OK, so you fancy an iPhone deal but don't like the hefty price tag and large monthly costs. The cheapest way you can get an iPhone today without spending a few hundred quid upfront is to go for a pay monthly contract deal on the iPhone 6S.

If you think you'll be using a lot of internet data then we suggest that you go for an unlimited data plan with Three. If you have a 4G-compatible phone - the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8 or 8 plus - you'll be able to use 4G, and you can use your plan abroad in any of Three's Feel At Home destinations at no extra cost too.

We recommend going for the iPhone 6S because its processor copes extremely well with the pressures of non-stop downloading, uploading, browsing and streaming at a nice low price.

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The brilliant thing about the iPhone SE is that it's essentially got the guts and specs of an iPhone 6 in the body of a 5 - and an old-style, smaller phone means it's a lot cheaper than a flagship. It's got the latest processor, a 12MP camera, and decent battery life, all in the nice four-inch frame.

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The best deal on an iPhone SE is one that keeps costs down but gives you enough allowance to put those specs to work - like this one. If you what an iPhone but don't know exactly which model you want, take a look at the table below to compare the main features.

Today's best iPhone offers:

Whilst the basic specifications don't look too different from one iPhone to another, there are some significant differences between the very latest models and the older versions. As well as a longer battery life, improved camera, better screens and processors, there are some other functions that only come with certain models:. With any other iPhone, you'll need to be a little more careful. Wireless charging: A brand new feature that you'll only find on the iPhone X, 8, or 8 Plus. Headphone jack: If you want a standard headphone jack on your iPhone, you'll need an older model - the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus or older.

True tone flash: Most people turn off the flash when taking pictures these days. The standard LED flash leaves an unnatural glare. The iPhone 6 and above come with a flash that's a little more pleasing to the eye.

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Touching the display with different levels of pressure performs different actions, giving the default iOS apps better functionality. With tons of different options to choose from, we know it's a bit of a minefield. If you've seen a deal you like and fancy switching from your current handset and plan then check out our guide on switching and keeping your number.

Also, you can check out all the iPhone deals in one place using the broadbandchoices iPhone comparison tools or even compare iPhone contracts with no upfront cost. If your main priorities are flexibility and value for money, SIM-only plans are worth considering. There are some excellent SIM-only plans available, which include a wide range of allowances for data, calls and texts, from suppliers such as giffgaff , iD Mobile and Smarty.

Don't forget, you can also sell your old phone once you've changed contracts. There are tons of recyclers out there who will give you a healthy amount of money for your old device - go check our sister site CompareMyMobile. Falling landline use the reason for line rental rises, say researchers. Line rental up for Post Office punters - but broadband prices down. Are you a TalkTalk customer?